George Cockerill
UX Designer

Principal Experience Designer, Player Coach and Facilitator based in Melbourne, Australia.

Employers and clients include

Impactful outcomes through design and collaboration

UX Designer

Experience Design with a product lens and experience working with and for AI. Strong  in:

Experience Strategy
Interaction Design and Prototyping
UX Research
Empowering Collaborator

Strong skills in working with senior stakeholders, presenting, facilitating, and teaching.

Stakeholder Engagement
Presenting and Storytelling
Facilitating and Teaching
Design Player Coach

I apply my lead and mentorship experience to hands-on player coach roles working in teams.

Team Leading and Mentoring
Guidance and Alignment
Design Process Definition

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Designing experiences with and for AI

With an extensive background in UX design, I collaboratively design experiences that are intelligent and intuitive, blending AI technologies and techniques with user-centred design.

Working both alongside and within product teams, I'm focused on delivering strong business outcomes through data-informed, useful, useful, and impactful user experience design.

With exceptional people skills, I excel in navigating complex environments, fostering collaboration, and aligning diverse teams towards common goals.

I believe that everyone's best work is a result of happy working relationships and I care as much about being a great colleague as I do about being a great designer.


Word on the street

Jade helped us build a software so intuitive that it didn't need a walkthrough. He solved complex problems with brilliant design.

John Frankin
Founder, Double Bunch

This is unbelievable. After using Testiminial Generator my buisness skyrocketed!

Jennifer Musk
Project Manager@ Microsoft

Frequently asked questions

What kind of roles are you looking for?

I'm currently available for full time and contract roles based in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you work onsite, remote or hybrid?

I have a preference for hybrid but also happy to work fully onsite or online. I'm based in Port Melbourne.

Are you prepared to relocate?

I'm currently looking for roles based in Melbourne, Australia.

What are you like to work with?

I bring a positive and progressive attitude to projects and their challenges. I take the work seriously, but do this with an light and open attitude, putting collaborative achievement over personal success always.

Are you an individual contributor or manager?

I do have lots of leadership and management experience, but I am currently seeking hands-on roles where I can also apply my mentoring and coaching skills within a project or team.

What's in your software tookit?

I am proficient in Figma. I use a number of AI technologies and techniques in my process including Open AI, Midjourney, prompt engineering, and product prototyping using AI and Replit. I'm also experienced in using a range of user research services and tools such as Askable, Optimal Workshop and Maze.

Are you available to speak and facilitate?

Yes I am an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator and design educator, please get in touch.

Who is your favourite artist?